Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in 2017

While Webgett offers the best hosting services in Kenya. We believe in giving our clients some alternatives. When looking for a hosting company, you should definitely understand your hosting needs. Your budget, security requirements, the number of websites, and level of traffic, determine the best choice of a hosting company. Whatever your needs are, you should have an idea of a good hosting company. A peak into the best hosting companies of 2017 is an eye opener to what to expect from a hosting company of your choice.
The 5 best hosting companies include:

5 . Host Papa

Starting from the bottom up, this Host Papa scored the least on this because it is least known golden hosting company. It has uptime of 99.95% which is impressive and a load time of 937ms. The price is pretty good for your pocket for unlimited everything, while the support team is responsive and efficient.


PRICE: $3.95/mo


4. Dream Host

With an uptime of 99.98% and a load time of 636ms, this famous company is worth the try because they are highly reputable. They provide a range of hosting services that include cloud hosting, CDN, among others.


PRICE: $9.99/mo


3. InMotion Hosting

You will never be stranded when you have a partner like InMotion. Their load time is at 596ms which is reasonably fast and a load time of 99.97%. It is a good deal to seal with these guys owing to their excellent support and tutorials on almost everything.



2. Blue Host

Blue Host Cloud boasts its user-friendly services. While it may not be as cheap as Ehost, its cost of $5.95/mo comes with a domain name free of charge. Load time of 490 is one of the best so is its uptime of 99.97%. Its new version is now offering better performance to clients.



1. A2 Hosting
Finally to number 1, it’s the best hosting company in 2017. Loading time is 361ms and uptime is 99.96%. A 30-day guarantee is also a bonus you enjoy once you subscribe.



Over to you

There you have it. Next time you are hunting for web hosting companies, we did the market research for you already. Alternatively, you can give Kenya’s best website hosting company here. Good Luck